More Kittens, Pen Blather

I’d sort of planned to post weekly photos of kittens, but it’s summer, family things have been happening, heat has been happening, and I’ve been all like this, a lot of days.

That’s Timo, who especially likes to sleep in my lap when it’s eleventy billion degrees and he’s eleventy billion and one, but what can you do? He’s so cute, he gets away with it. And I just sit there, dripping sweat and trying not to wake him. Because I’m a sucker.

The kittens are both so doggoned sweet, it kills me.

Nap time…
Another day, another pile of laundry to obstruct. Mirror for double trouble squared!

The munchkins are now 19-going-on-20 weeks old. At the vet check last Saturday, Timo weighed 5.8 lbs. and Cassia 5 lbs. There is a sort of folk knowledge that says cats usually grow up to be about twice what they weigh at 20 weeks. If that’s the case, Timo is going to be on the large side of his breed at possibly 12 to 13 pounds, and Cassia larger than I expected at something over 10. I’m guessing they’ll actually be a bit smaller, but Timo will still be quite a bit bigger than Tam who was 10 pounds in his prime (though only about six at the end, which breaks my heart). He’s kind of a lug. A big, very-very soft, super affectionate and super gorgeous lug. Sigh.

Cassia, meanwhile, has been expanding her thieving skills. It turns out I picked a bad week for finally buying the fancy chasen (bamboo matcha whisk) I’ve had my eye on for awhile. A few days back I came home from work and found the little drying stand empty–no whisk to be found. Aaaand it just happens to be the same week Cassia is finally big enough to jump onto the counter aaaaand she can’t resist stealing just about anything she can pick up–caps and silverware and toothbrushes and pens. Timo may push things around a little, but Cassia carries them off.

I finally found the chasen tucked away beneath the couch, rather the worse for wear. Little burglar was unapologetic.

In other news, I’ve been in the throes of non-fountain-pen obsession, which happens now and again. I dug out all the gel pens (Pilot G2s, Zebra Sarasas, Uni-Ball Signo 207s), ballpoints (Bic Cristals, Fisher Space Pen Bullets, Uni-Ball Jetstreams) and whatsits (Sharpie Pen) and have been journaling with those for a time. And I finally ordered some of the Uni-Ball BLX series pens (black inks infused with color), which I’ve been curious about for awhile. I got a Jetstream sampler and a Signo 207 sampler. They should be here later this week.

I’m happy to be back to regular journaling. Even if it’s also reminding me how boring my life is, generally speaking. Need to get out a bit this summer, or at least pay more attention: catch a play or movie, explore farmers markets, drive over to the beach for a day or finally wander through some of our local parks. Think about current events. Write out my thoughts on books I’m reading, instead of just letting them slip through my brain near impact-free.

Live in the moment, but really *live* in those moments.

Which, hmm, might be a good topic for another blog entry…