Why “Enough Ice Cream?”

Ice cream is quite possibly my greatest weakness (aside, perhaps, from my struggles with housekeeping). I can go weeks without indulging in much of anything sweet or unhealthy, but sooner or later the siren call of ice cream breaks through and I fall off the wagon with a great ker-thunk.

So “Enough Ice Cream” is both my idea of heaven and an on-going self-admonishment.

As for me: I’m now a single Catholic in my very late 30s. I have three cats (but not four, so I am *not* a crazy cat lady, I swear it!), including two young Orientals (Cassia and Timo) who keep life verrrry lively. (I tend to post a lot of pictures of them on Instagram @eherreid.) I play mandolin, guitar, and clawhammer banjo. I like fountain pens and notebooks and colorful, messy inks. I like pencils and typewriters. I am fond of dark chocolate, good coffee, Japanese green tea, and (obviously) ice cream.

Ice Cream dessert 01