New Blog, Kitten Update

So…I’ve more or less combined all my blogs into this one, and this shall be me. See About for more details on the name and that.

Cassia and Timo 2016-08-08 18.32.01

The kittens are six and a half months old now, and continue to enchant me.2016-07-29 17.46.22

Cassia loves to fetch, and also spends a lot of her time riding around on my shoulders as I cook or clean, watching whatever I do and occasionally dismounting to insert a curious paw.Cassia 2016-08-04 18.43.07

She steals all sorts of things to play with or squirrel away. She is fiesty, sure of herself, and utterly adorable. I have *almost* recovered all the computer keys she scattered one memorable night awhile back…2016-07-24 10.59.32

Timo is a love-bug who will jump into my arms, wrapping paws around my neck (no claws!) like a tiny Tigger. Not so tiny, really. He’s up to about 8.5 lbs. these days. Burly guy–and maybe a bit of a pudge. The boy loves his food. He’s a gorgeous sweetie.Timo 8-28-16

Timo 2016-08-14 08.56.45

Very different personalities. As I posted on Facebook, Timo is kind of like a small child who wants to be held and fed all the time, and who enjoys pushing objects off tables.Timo Aug 2016

Cassia is like that one roommate who borrows your clothes without asking and takes over whatever you’re doing and is up making mysterious noises at all hours of the night and butts into every conversation, but you put up with them because they’re fascinatingly crazy, so you just never know what’s gonna happen next, and let’s face it, it keeps life interesting.Cassia 2016-08-08 18.28.31

Halvah…puts up with them. I doubt we’ll ever get much further than that. She’ll eat out of a bowl near them, or occasionally sleep on the same couch, but screams if they get too close. And I do mean screams. She’s always been very vocal in her disapprovals. Sometimes I worry the neighbors are gonna call the cops on us.

The kittens mostly leave her alone, but occasionally they push their luck.  Not touching! Not quite touching!2016-07-24 14.04.10


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