Three Good Things, 11/7/15

Probably won’t do this sorta thing daily, but a few times a week is helpful.

Today I struggled and didn’t get out as much as I’d planned or accomplish as much as I hoped, so this is a good exercise.

  1. I bought some quart jars to make more pickles/lacto-fermented vegetable things. I don’t think I rambled on here like I did on Facebook, but over the last few weeks, I successfully made my first batch of sauerkraut. This could be a blog post in itself. Suffice it to say, I’m excited by the possibilities, but don’t necessarily need pickled carrots by the gallon jar. The quart size guys should be enough to experiment with, and they weren’t terribly expensive. Woot!
  2. As a result of the above purchase, I was able to start some curried garlic cauliflower, which sounds potentially wonderful and should hopefully be done in a few weeks. And if it fails…well, at least it was a small batch.
  3. I finally checked out a neat little spice shop in downtown Olympia, WA: Buck’s Fifth Avenue, which I’ve heard about for awhile but had never visited, primarily due to my phobia of driving and parking downtown. It’s a small shop, but LOADED with shelf after shelf filled with jar after jar of every spice and salt and herb you can imagine. It’s like an old time apothecary for cooks. Magical. Everyone there was super nice, including the other customers, and everyone talking about cooking and baking and preserving. My kind of folks. They also had beautiful glass picking jars, the sort with a moat to keep air out of the pickles. I bought some juniper berries–my favorite sauerkraut in Germany included them, so–and also some Princess Grey tea (basically Early Grey with rose petals and lavender–pretty!) and some cumin. The cumin is perhaps the most intense cumin I have ever encountered. My whole house smells like a Mexican restaurant. I guess I’m OK with it.

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