Three Good Things, 11/5/15 Edition

I need to get back into doing my “three good things from my day” exercise in the evenings again. It may seem ridiculously Pollyanna, but it really does help me focus a bit more on the positive instead of wallowing in the negative, which comes more naturally to me.

So, here are three good things from this day:

1. For no reason, I spent the morning craving Brie cheese to the point where I could barely think. A co-worker was so worn down by my whining…er…was kind enough to get me some while he was picking up lunch at the grocery. Oh, I love Brie!

2. I am not doing spectacularly with NaNoWriMo this year. In fact, I kind of want to quit. Therefore even though I didn’t do a TON today, I’ll count it as a good thing that I got words added, and I’m out of the nowhere-to-go-next ditch I’d dumped myself into at the end of the day yesterday.

3. Even though I got home rather late, I still had time to make a pot roast with mushrooms and carrots and assorted other vegetables in the Instant Pot. I am seriously in love with that thing. If it was a person, I would marry it. Bonus good thing: sour cream atop pot roast with vegetables is a mahvelous thing.


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