Four Things I Learned From My Housewarming Party

Da House

Woo-hoo! I survived my first hosting experience! I confess, I had never had more than about four or five people over before (OK, maybe ten counting small children), so this was scary new territory. I made it through, and even learned a thing or two. Or four.

1. Though it may not be ideal, parties can still work if you’re a socially awkward nincompoop who doesn’t really know how to introduce friends to other friends. Turns out people aren’t robots who stand silently against the wall waiting to be activated by introductions before they interact. They will even introduce themselves to one another and mingle much better than you do. It’s kind of cool.

2. No matter how much cheese you set out for a gathering, you really should set out some more. A few days ago I posted a note that I was “pretty sure I could drop about 5 lbs. this week alone if I gave up cheese, which would be a great plan, except it requires giving up cheese.” (Seriously, if Costco were to gauge household size on cheese consumption, they would likely think there are about eight of us, and we’re all two hundred pound mice.) Turns out I’m not alone in the love of cheese.

3. Cookies trump pretty mini cupcakes as party desserts. I don’t know if the cupcakes were just intimidating or what, but I still had most of them at the end of the day. On the other hand, everyone made short shrift of the one pack of cookies someone thoughtfully brought. We should get a grant and figure out the psychology behind this phenomenon.

4. My friends are amazing. Truly. I mean, I sort of already knew that. I said a few weeks ago that I felt humbled and grateful by all that people had done for me throughout this house searching and moving experience. That feeling continues to multiply. I am very, very blessed.


4 thoughts on “Four Things I Learned From My Housewarming Party

    1. Thanks! It’s a great little place in a nice quiet neighborhood. And the house is about the same vintage as my SG-1…


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