Make it Look Real Nice

Orange vase-ish
I’m decorating my new house! This is not something I’ve truly managed in other domiciles, not really, unless you count the ginormous bright orange vase-shaped-object a friend and I picked up to mock the ugliness of the orange and yellow bathroom in a certain mobile home I like to pretend I never knew. It almost looks classy in its current location on my mantel, but I’m not sure it counts as decor.

No, I mean I’m hanging artwork and family photos and paintings with some actually thought behind their arrangement.

At least, in theory. In reality, I mostly hold a framed item in front of me while marching around the house mumbling to myself and tripping over cats.

Part of the problem is that I really can’t picture anything more complicated than a single framed object. I have trouble envisioning an organized and interesting arrangement, especially one that is something other than symmetrical, or involves objects of varying sizes.

I also lack confidence in my abilities, because I have siblings who are actual ARTISTS or who can walk into a Ross’s and pick out a peculiar object like this one…

Peacock object…and know it will be beautiful, whereas I’m pretty sure whatever object I hauled home would transform into giant dead spider legs as soon as I walked in the door and would gross out all comers.

The other, larger issue is that while I’m pretty sure wiring in walls mostly runs kind of like the red lines in this picture (and probably not even that prominent)…

Actual wiring

…in my head I picture it running more like this.

Imagined WiringDrilling holes into the wall for art work? You might as well play Russian Roulette! You’ll burn the house down, kid!

But still, I’m printing up some photos. I have some artwork and some frames. I have a drill/driver thing. Even scarier, after years of resistance, I’ve joined Pinterest.

Watch out, world.


2 thoughts on “Make it Look Real Nice

  1. Greetings Elizabeth —

    I really love your blogs, especially Little Flower, and was concerned for you when
    nothing was blogged for so long. I’m so glad you are okay.

    I have taught guitar for over 50 years, and I am an avid typewriter collector.
    You got me started with Renaissance Art, for which I am grateful. Many thanks!


    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I’ve been struggling with my writing, but trying to ease back into it. I appreciate the encouragement!


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