Standing Accused

Shame grafittiI’m hoping longer and better ideas for blog posts come to me soon.

But for now, here’s just one little reflection that came out of a most excellent homily by Fr. Brian Thompson last Sunday.

He pointed out that one possible translation of the name “Satan” is “the Accuser.” Satan is a miserable creature–the most miserable creature–and he wants to take us all down with him.

You know those times when you feel like you’re the stupidest, evilest, most worthless scum on the face of the earth, completely undeserving of mercy or goodness or love or anything else?

Guess who’s really good at accusing you of all of those things?

Guess who’s the Father of Lies?

There’s a difference, of course, between honest guilt (the shame we should feel for sin) and unfounded despair, and in the darkest times (I’ve been there!) it can be hard to see the difference. But I still thought this interesting.


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