Thanks by the Letter

Yesterday I was getting ready to head up to my brother’s for Thanksgiving dinner and (don’t ask me how these things happen) as I was pulling on my socks, I got distracted going through the alphabet telling my Siamese cat, Tamino, how the various letters could describe him, starting with A for Adorable (and Annoying). He listens most flatteringly. I’d gotten as far as I for Independent when I realized I’d better rush or my brother might well cut the turkey without me.

But it gave me an idea, which I ran with as I made the drive up: going through each letter of the alphabet and, for each letter, thinking about things I am thankful for. Some are a little trite or cliched: F is for Faith, Family, and Friends. I’m no less thankful for them for all that. Food ends up figuring prominently in my lists, since I am who I am: A is for Artichokes, Apples, and Avocados, among other things. C is for Coffee, Chocolate, Coconut.

Music is a big element, too: this year, B is most definitely for Bach, who I’ve been obsessed with recently (I’m listening to Tafelmusik’s Brandenburg Concertos as I type). B is also for Banjos, and the great fiddler Kevin Burke, who I just got to see in a tiny venue a few weeks back. I could go on and on through the alphabet, listing musicians and instruments and composers.

It was hard to come up with items for some letters, and some things that popped into my head made me laugh. Z is for Zippers. Silly. But on the other hand, I use them frequently during the day, and would prefer a world that includes them, so yes! Thanks be for zippers!

There were other things that came to mind that forced a deeper consideration. E is for Elizabeth. I don’t often think about giving thanks for me, myself, with all the faults and shortcomings I struggle against day by day, but the fact is, my very life is a gift from God, and I am His Child. I am a wonderful creation.

And, on that note, now it’s time for lunch. L is for Lunch–and Leftovers, for which I am most grateful.